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People-oriented and health-concerned——health examination

time:2020-7-26 13:44:25

People need early prevention to be healthy. With the accelerated pace of life and increased work pressure, regular physical examination is particularly important for everyone.
 Based on the principle of "putting people first", the company cares about the physical and mental health of every employee. Every March and April, the company organizes and carries out physical examination activities for employees.
 Considering the causes of the epidemic this year, the health gift was postponed until July, but I believe every employee can truly feel the warmth sent by the enterprise.

Through this staff physical examination, on the one hand, the staff have a further understanding of their own physical condition; on the other hand, it has improved the staff's centripetal force and sense of belonging, enhanced the enterprise cohesion, and provided continuous power for the company's long-term and better development.

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